How to Store Your Caps in Your Room?

Are you a fan of caps? Like shoes, these accessories may be small; they require much storage when they multiply in your room.

Here are several possible solutions with their advantages and disadvantages.

Hang Them on A Rack

This is the simplest method. You put behind your door or in your clothes rack you put the coats and hang your caps and hats.

The practical and speed advantages are undeniable. However, it can distort the cap, especially if you usually hang them when they are wet (rain, sweat).

If you have caps with ties, the alternative may be to attach them to a belt. There are the same disadvantages on the structure and shape of the cap, but it allows you to store them discreetly and to be able to fit many models in any closet.

The Cap Rack

In most countries, cap fashion is less anchored than in the United States. They often wear a cap as protection against the sun more than a fashion accessory. Nevertheless, the trend is changing more and more, and they’re even getting inspired by Americans.

The cap rack is suitable for caps of all kinds. This is, most often, a column with fasteners to stack the caps without squeezing.

The small problem is that your caps stay in the open air and can take dust (unless you have storage including a cover). Also, an extensive collection requires several storage spaces that can end up taking a large area on your wall.

Protective Suitcases

Protective suitcases allow you to stack the caps cleanly. This does not bend the visor and does not compress the top of the cap more than necessary. Then it closes to protect the object from dust, sunlight, and moisture.

If you have a small collection that is important to you, making these arrangements is a good idea. By cons, for several hundred caps, this is less convenient because you will have to multiply the suitcases.

Paul Petersen Author