Interior Decor Mistakes an expert will easily identify

Interior Design comprises a lot of factors such as wall paint, furniture, swatches, positioning are and more. These small decisions can eventually contribute towards finding the most potential option. Nonetheless, one small mistake can eventually harm the entire thing. One may not realize but even the smallest mistake can bring down the entire look of the room

Some of the prominent mistakes that most homeowners conduct without the help of successful expert designers include the following

Interior Decor of Same Height

While it may seem extremely beautiful and convenient, it is not. In the interior design, scale, and proportion has an important role to play. If you purchase decor items that are either of the same size or too big or small, you may end up making your house look messy. Thus before finally analysing what to place where, you can check the initial combination of heights.

Dark Furniture in small space

Most people consider adding dark furniture in their small space to increase the aesthetic appeal. However, it does not do any good. This is usually because a dark furniture in a small space will eventually make your space appear cramped up. It is one of the biggest mistakes one can make. Instead of adding a dark furniture, you should add consider adding light coloured furniture that will eventually help to enhance the look of the house.

Wrong sized rug

Not many people focus on the rugs while installing them but the rugs have an important role to play. Rugs can contribute towards enhancing the entire look of the house and also create a point of interest. As a result, it is extremely necessary to choose the right size rug for extra advantages. Based on the size of your room, you should consider getting a rug. You should have a rug that can easily fit between the chairs or sofa legs.

One light source

One source of light for your interiors can be a major mistake. Lighting has an important role to play in the entire interior designing process. If there is only one source of heavy light, it can whitewash everything. While choosing the lighting, you should know that there is a plethora of options you can choose from. These will eventually help to create a better ambience.

The Lipari Interior design experts suggest to use different sources of light for different spaces. This prevents the risk of whitewashing thereby enhancing the overall impact.

Paul Petersen Author