Cleaning Has Never Been Easier With Kids, Here’s How

It’s not every hour of everyday that you’re available and energetic to clean up after yourkid’s mess. They do enjoy more in making a mess than cleaning up after themselves.Toys scattered on the floor, on the table, in between couch cushions or even inside a toilet bowl,you name it. Picking up toys is not that big of a deal compared to having to scrub out drawings on the wall or removing ketchup stains on cushions or clothes. Luckily there are a few friendly rubbish removal Sydney Western Suburbs such as Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal tricks that can help you.

For now, here are some tips on how to get your kid to help you tidy up their room:

  1. Get Them To Move

Make it fun for them, tell them it’s a game or a little competition on who gets to put away the most number of toys. They would enjoy doing chores more when it’s only a game for them.

  1. Add A Background Music

To make the mood a little lighter and a bit more fun, play a soundtrack that makes them dance. While dancing, you can make them pick up their toys and tell them it’s a dance move.

  1. Work Little By Little

Break down a huge mess by focusing on one corner of the room first, so you don’t get too overwhelmed by how much work you need to do. To make it more fun, you can also let them pick up their toys by color, by material, by size or by type.

  1. Show Them How It’s Done

Let them watch how you tidy things up. It may be during a general house cleaning, an at the end of the day clean up or with helpers around.

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  1. Let Them Do It ByThemselves

After teaching them or letting them sit and watch you work, they should also learn by doing it by themselves. You can guide them through the chore by taking their hand, pick up a small piece of trash, and guide their hand to the trash bin.

  1. Set ATime Limit

Kids are always up for a challenge. When cleaning up, always make sure to set a time limit for them to finish a task. You can do this, especially before bedtime; it can be helpful to get them to sleep early too.

  1. Put Their Toys ToBed

Kids are known for having a colorful imagination, let them put their toys to bed—and by bed means their toy chest or toy box.

  1. Give Them AReward

Small victories are a big deal to kids. For every time they finish a chore, give them a small reward. In a week or a month, when they have behaved properly and participated well in every cleanup, you can give them a bigger reward. Let them celebrate their hard work.s

Final Word

Cleaning up is an exhausting task to do every day, and it shouldn’t be a one-person job. You should get your kids to be as involved as you can. Training them at a young age is easier than having them to do chores when they’re older and stubborn.

The important thing is, to let them enjoy playing around and making a mess, after all, they’re kids and only want to play as long as, they also know how to clean up after themselves.

Paul Petersen Author