How can you design your dream home as per Vastu?

The guidelines prescribed in an ancient text that helps you harness the flow of universal energy to bring about a sense of balance. It sounds like the treasure in an Indiana Jones movie, but it is very real indeed. This, in a nutshell, is the concept of Vastu. The Vastu Shastra and its scientific principles are part of the Vedas and are about 5000 years old. One can find many similarities between feng-shui and Vastu, with both systems being based on the flow of energy called ‘chi’ and ‘prana’ respectively. However, Vastu is more suited to designing a home from scratch while feng shui is more suited for home interiors. This could be one of the reasons why Vastu remains vastly misinterpreted and has reduced to mere beliefs of our grandparents. However, many interior design companies are now making an effort to understand the science behind the system and effectively implement it.

As Bangalore is becoming increasingly urbanized, it is becoming tougher to implement the principles of Vastu. Thus, interior contractors in Bangalore are playing with the colors, accessories, and furniture to create a positive flow of energy. We will go through some of the techniques that are being practiced today.

The base rules of Vastu begin right from the position and design of the entrance doorway. With a majority of people opting to live in high rise apartments or flats, this falls outside the scope of interior design companies. But there are a few simple tips that can be applied to all parts of the house. Avoid using black for your furniture, doors, and walls as it is supposed to attract negative energy. As for the color scheme, utilize bright colors that create an aura of relaxation. Earthy shades are said to be the best, but you can also opt for blues, yellows, and greens. Try and place mirrors on the north walls, as this is supposed to flush out negative energies. The ‘brahmasthan’ designates the center of the home and is said to radiate the most positive energy if treated right. While this was based around the concept of the open courtyard, you can still create a 3’-4’ clutter-free zone in the center of your home to channel the energy. Lighter color curtains are advised for most spaces, and if you do select darker colors, then use it in the living room. Many more principles relate to the orientation, material, color, and texture of the elements of your spaces.

 If you wish to go for Vastu-based interior decor for your home, it is advisable to consult with an expert. Nuspace Interiors, one of the top interior design companies in Bangalore, can provide you with comprehensive interior design solutions that are Vastu-compliant and help channel the most positive of energies within your home!

Clare Louise Author