Leaking roof is every homeowner’s nightmare. Water can easily find its way into the house through vulnerable structures like a clogged gutter, missing shingle or even punctured later on the roof. Clogged gutters can harm the eavestrough and you may need to contact your Kitchener eavestrough repair to repair it before any serious damage comes to your house. Once the water is inside the house it can cause significant damage which can extend far away from the initial source, making it harder to identify the problem. Ignoring early signs of water damage may force you to invest in new insulation, mould removal and cause damage to your interior walls and ceilings. Following are some of the reasons why your roof might be leaking:

  1. Holes in the Roof: 

There are many reasons why roof could get punctured. It could be due to a storm or animal damage. Your roof may have tiny holes which could have been made by misplaced nails. These holes usually go unnoticed unless the inspection is done and they are uncovered. The best way to fix these holes in your roof is by applying some flashing under the shingles instead of caulking them.

  1. Poor Sealing:

Homes with complex roof architecture have poor sealing as one of the main causes of roof leaks. The roof may look stunning with the valleys and slopes, but these unique features are a little more difficult to seal and can potentially cause water damage issues. It’s important to choose your roof’s architecture carefully to ensure that it isn’t too costly to maintain them.

  1. Ice Dams during the snow season:

Your roofing may be compromised in various ways when it snows. The snow can pile up on your roof, especially if your roof has been designed in such a way that the snow doesn’t slide off from the top. This creates ice dams which exert excessive pressure on the roof and promotes seepage of water through the shingles. Your roof becomes more energy-efficient once this issue has been fixed. Choose the best roofing material like metal roofing or metal ice brackets to prevent issues which are related to ice dams.

  1. Clogged Gutters:

It is very common for gutters to become clogged. If routine maintenance isn’t done then some might even break. Gutter cleaning is an easy task which can prevent you from expensive water leaks. They have been designed to ensure that water travels away from the foundation of the roof. When you get a professional to clean out your gutter, then you will get rid of the debris and the way will consistently flow away from your roof.

  1. Poorly Fitted or damaged skylights:

Skylights transform the roof in which they are installed. If they aren’t fitted properly then leaks can sprout down through them and into the building. Use of worn-out rubber seals can also contribute to water damage. Keep a check on the sides of the skylight for cracks and ensure that they have been installed properly.


Paul Petersen Author