Power Seeding: What It Is and Why You Need It

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Everyone wants to have a beautiful looking yard, however, this is not always easy to achieve. Many people try to plant new grass to give their yard a new look. Oftentimes the grass we plant does not turn out how we want. There are many different methods for planting grass and seeds and some may be more efficient. One of the absolute best ways to get the lawn you want is to use power seeding.

What Is Power Seeding?

Power seeding is an efficient way to plant seeds into the ground. It essentially uses a machine or a tractor to slice-seed an area. Once the area is sliced you can use the same machine or tractor to deposit seeds directly into the soil. When the seeds are deposited directly into the ground it increases the contact between the seeds and the soil. This is a cuticle for the germination process to begin. Power seeding is one of the most innovative and quickest ways to grow grass.

How To Use Power Seeding?

To use power seeding during your lawn care you need to have the proper equipment to slit the soil and then to deposit the seeds. If you do not have a tractor you can use a stand-alone engine to give you the results you want. Power seeding is highly recommended in areas that have little or no grass growing already. This method of lawn management is a quick way to achieve new and even grass growth. The machines that you use help to ensure that the seeds are deposited deep into the soil for optimal germination and growth.

You can use power seeding in damaged areas or in areas that are sparsely covered in grass. This method allows you to improve the look and quality of your existing lawn without having to kill the grass that you currently have. You can use the machine to deposit seeds directly into your yard without having to till the land or remove the current grass. This helps prevent you from having to do more work before achieving lush, green grass.

Benefits of Power Seeding

Time: One of the greatest benefits of using power seeding is that it helps grass grow very quickly. Other methods of growing grass may take a long time. Since the seeds are deposited directly into the soil it reduces the time it takes seeds to germinate and therefore cuts down on the amount of time it takes seeds to grow.

Reduces Risk of Birds Eating Seeds: When you just throw seeds down onto the soil many seeds are eaten by birds and other wild animals. If you are able to use power seeding to deposit seeds into the soil the risk that your seeds will be eaten by wildlife is greatly reduced. This increases the efficiency of your planting and helps you preserve your seeds. 

Works In Damaged Areas: Another great benefit of using power seeding is that it works even in the areas that you have not been able to grow grass in the past. Some areas of your lawn may not get the proper amount of sun or shade and this can make it difficult for grass to grow. Fortunately, power seeding is one of the best methods to use in all areas of the lawn, no matter how damaged they may seem.

Long-Lasting Results: Power seeding is one of the best methods to use when planting new grass because it helps to deliver long lasting results. Sometimes, grass may only last for a couple of months or a few years. If you use high-quality seeds and properly power seed you can achieve long lasting results that others will be jealous of.

Treccy Node Author