Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

Concrete floors can be easily damaged in a number of ways. For instance, exposure to a lot of water can cause serious damage to the floor. Intense pressure from a heavy object can also damage the floor. In addition to structural damage, concrete floors can also get stained easily. There are several ways of protecting concrete floors from damage. The first is to apply a protective coating, such as epoxy paint. The second option is to use a floor covering, like a carpet or rubber mat. Thirdly, you can install ceramic or PVC floor tiles.

If you would like to protect the floor in your garage from damage and staining, you should think about applying an epoxy garage floor coating. While you can always try to do things your own way, the best results can be obtained when you hire a competent professional to do the job. Obviously, every contractor you find will claim to be the best, so it is recommended you compare the top-rated firms to identify the best contractor for your needs. The following are the most crucial factors to take into consideration during the search for the right contractor:


It’s usually a good idea to check the types of licenses different firms have. This is because only licensed contractors have met all the minimum legal and professional requirements to offer the required service to local residents. The license category, expiry date and issuing authority of that license must be checked to confirm that a firm is properly licensed.

Insurance and Bond

When hiring a contractor, you want to limit your exposure to risks. Therefore, you should only hire an insured and bonded installer of epoxy floor coating. If there are any injuries, property damage or property loss, you will not suffer any liabilities. Therefore, only insured and bonded contractors should get any further consideration.


With time, contractors usually get better and better. This is because of the extra training they get on the job. Start by checking the number of years a firm has been in business as well as the number of clients they have served over the years. When you hire an experienced service provider, you can be assured of getting the best value for money.

Quality of Service

The portfolios of the contractors on your list must be checked. You want to hire a firm that has been applying epoxy garage floor coating successfully for many types of clients. The portfolios of the shortlisted firms can tell you a great deal about the quality of service they have been offering over the years.


Obviously, you want affordable services. Therefore, you need to ask the contractors on your list to give you their quotes – or look at our recommmendation of Garage Floor Effects. After getting the quotes, you should be in a position to make an informed decision once you compare the service charges. In addition to that, the ideal firm should offer a quality guarantee. After all, you do not want to pay for a service that does not meet your requirements.

Dom Dannis Author