Upholstered Cane Stool and Crushed Velvet Beds for Classy Modern Bedrooms

The Hugo And Sons offers elegant styling at an affordable price. The ultra-comfortable bed is lined in beautiful grey chenille or sterling silver fabric for a luxurious feel of style. This exciting bed is ideal for a range of modern interior designs, just perfect for contemporary living space. The bed frame is made of sturdy maple wood with a sleek black headboard that features elegantly out-of-the-way silver-leafed buttoning. The bed also comes with a matching footboard and matching nightstand that can be easily folded when not required.

The Hugo And Sons uses contemporary design to combine class with elegance. The contemporary styling will help you enhance the style of your bedroom and will also add a touch of sophistication to your home. The bed frame is made of solid maple wood that is finished with a sleek black lacquer that adds a touch of sophistication to the room. The bed is designed with comfort in mind; it has a firm, supportive mattress that is covered with soft plush velvet fabric. The footboard and the night stand are made from the same luxurious materials to ensure that you get the ultimate comfort while you rest on the bed.

If you prefer to go for elegance, then you may select the Milano Crushed Velvet King Size. This bed frame comes with a clean, simple appearance. It comes with a quilted fabric on the box spring and on the headboard. The bed frame is available in either black or ultra-chic white – both are available in sizes to suit all standard bed sizes. The bed consists of a mattress that is covered in luxurious, soft crushed velvet that gives you the most fabulous sleep at any time.

For those who like to feel the natural beauty of the fabrics that they are surrounded by, they may choose the Upholstered Cane Stool. This upholstered stool is an ideal addition to any bedroom as it is designed with a quilted design that gives you the feeling that you are relaxing in luxury. Made from durable cotton fabric, this durable stool can be used both in the living room and in the bedroom to give that extra touch of comfort to your room.

To further impress across generations, Upholstered Ottoman includes a removable valance which is guaranteed to add a touch of class to the bedroom. With the right combination of a classic look and modern styling, this unique upholstery design is not just stylish but is also very functional. The front opening of the Ottoman has been designed to prevent water from drizzling inside. Also, the back of this unique upholstery fabric features a quilted design and zippered edges that help to ensure that your feet do not suffer from cold when you are lying down on the Ottoman. The crushed velvet fabric used for these designs is fade-resistant, ultra-soft and breathable.

Clare Louise Author