Pest Control: Bait versus Liquid

One of the most destructive insects in the United States is a species of termite called the subterranean termite. These things cost property owners in the United States billions of dollars every year in damage and repair costs. Another billion dollars to exterminate them.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Property owners can stop these things before they enter their houses or offices. The best way to eliminate these pests is by using baits and liquids. Let us take a closer look at the benefits of these processes.

Liquid barriers

This process creates termiticide barriers in the soil around the structure to help kill the bugs that pass through. It has been the standard for termite control for many years. This technique is pretty effective, but it has some disadvantages. First, exterminators need to build trenches and bore small holes around the foundation of the building, and it can be a problem sooner or later.

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The next disadvantage is that some liquid barriers do an excellent job of eliminating these bugs but destroy the colony, which sends workers to penetrate the barrier. When these things slowly wear out, worker bugs will eventually find a way to their destination. Most exterminators realize that these barriers have disadvantages.

That is why they use eco-friendly products that do not just eliminate these pests; it also works by killing the colony that gives homeowners a lot of problems. Chemical components like chlorantraniliprole cause paralysis in the worker bug’s jaw muscles so that they can no longer eat.

These workers spread and carried chlorantraniliprole to other worker termites in the colony. It causes them to starve to death. These workers can work their way back to the settlement and kill their queen. Without queens, colonies die. These barriers are also proven to last longer than other termiticides, which is why they stay effective longer.

In fighting termite workers, it is a very efficient and effective solution. What is impressive about these liquid barriers, is that it does not affect other insects beneficial to the environment. Property owners do not have to worry about earthworms and honey bees dying because of their termite treatment.

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These barriers are pretty safe for the environment. Not only that, if you are looking to protect a new property, these things are the perfect product. Homeowners can just put it in the ground before the construction starts, without trenching, as well as protect the property for many years.

Termite baits

These baits work in two ways: they can help monitor these pests, and they can be used to exterminate colonies. Pest control firms use this system to do both. It is considered one of the most advanced pest control methods on the market today. As a monitoring system, they are put around the structure and checked yearly by professionals.

When these baits are taken, the pest-control firm who installed them is alerted to the problem and can take the necessary measures to arrest the problem quickly. When these pests strike, baits are used to fight back. Worker termites will take the bait and bring it back to the colony.

It works its way back to its territory and kills its queen. The bait’s active ingredients do not just cause these insects to lose their eating ability; they kill pests and their colonies. According to research, it is one of the most potent ways to exterminate colonies since its slow-acting agent can slip to the colony’s defense through the natural sharing of secretions and food.

Properties that use this method also have an efficient barrier. It acts as a protection because it uses the constant foraging behavior of worker mites against it. When food is found, a lot of these insects will continue to look for food, making sure that they find the bait and share it with their colony, including the queen herself.

If homeowners need protection against these insects, pest control firms have all the solutions. Their professional specialists will be happy to walk them through the advantages and disadvantages, as well as guide them in ways that work for their situation. When it comes to exterminating these pests, it is not a matter of liquid versus bait; it is a matter of which product will provide the best result possible.

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