Seven Features to Look Out For when Buying Office Chairs

Buying the best office chair that suits your budget is an investment in your employees’ health and productivity. If you are looking to invest in backrest for computer from, you want to look for features that meet your needs. But, what makes an ideal, ergonomic office chair? Below are the features you should be looking for when buying office chairs:

Full Back

You want to ensure your employees use quality office chairs that promote productivity and reduce the lost hours because of injury. The best office chairs are comfortable and have a full back. They offer many adjustable positions that include height, lumbar support, and recline settings.

 Waterfall Seats

Great office chairs have a seat pan with a waterfall front that prevents the seat from catching the users behind the knees. Also, the seat pan must be contoured to ensure even weight distribution and comfortable to sit on. The pan’s edge must be soft and contoured to prevent compression of the buttocks and thighs.

90 Degree Angles

if the angles of the users’ hips, ankles, and knees are not comfortable at 90 degrees, this indicates the office chair they are sitting on are not the right fit for them. When the hips aren’t at a 90-degree angle, the chair might be too short or too tall for the user. This angle should also be the same for their knees, and ankles.

Breathable Upholstery

The upholstery of an office chair should be comfortable to the touch when users have to sit on it all day. Avoid upholstery that is abrasive or itchy or can cause the body to overheat. Make sure you invest in breathable, medium texture upholstery.


The best office chairs are adjustable in all directions. The seat should adjust up and down and tilt side to side. This allows users to achieve proper posture when they are sitting all day. Moreover, the chairs should be easily adjustable without using any tool. Before buying office chairs ask for a demonstration or adjust them yourself.

Proper Back Support

Great office chairs support the back when the user sits. The chair can be reclined back slightly; however, too much can strain the neck when the user tries to right their head to view the monitor when using a computer.

Ability to Encourage Movement

Ergonomic office chairs that encourage movement help in keeping blood and oxygen flowing. Invest in chairs that let users move while giving the support their body needs.

Dom Dannis Author