How to improve the general look of building

The state of your commercial premises can relay a significant message to your customers about the status of your business. This is why it is worthwhile spending money on improving the appearance of your flagship building. The following guidelines will help you to make crucial decisions.

Upgrading the outside
The majority of new business owners are obliged to lease whatever building is available in a convenient district, whether old or modern, and is suitable in terms of staffing capacity and business volume to conduct commercial activity. This may mean occupying a building that does not convey the image you wish to project, but there are a number of improvements that you can carry out. If your building is fairly new, the exterior is likely to be in good condition and you may simply wish to customise it a little. Check planning regulations before changing cladding, facias or changing windows, for example, replacing plain glass with mirrored panes. If you occupy a more traditional building, have the outside cleaned thoroughly. Dingy brickwork should be sandblasted to remove grime and moss, and cracked or obscure window panes replaced. Once again, check planning regulations before replacing roof tiles and window frames.

The welcoming interior
Your visitors and customers should walk through an impeccable entrance door into an impressive reception area. Check out the many types of commercial flooring tiles available – shop range, and work with the vendor to create the corporate image that you require; perhaps you could link the floor colour to your corporate insignia and extend the theme through the rest of the building? Be aware that commercial flooring, in addition to looking good, must be durable and resistant to fire. Very shiny floors may look great in brochures, but a slightly textured surface is safer for staff and visitors alike – and may help you avoid a law suit. Before purchase, negotiate a floor maintenance contract with the flooring provider.

The finishing touches
With the floor in place, turn your attention to the walls and furnishings. If you “inherit” furniture with your premises, make sure that it is in perfect repair and smart enough for business use. If not, replace it. For safety reasons, tack all rugs in place and make sure that all bathrooms are in working order and are scrupulously clean for staff and visitors alike. The majority of business proprietors favour pale walls because they make interiors appear bigger and brighter. In this case, invest in specialist paint or wall covering that is scuff and mark-proof, that is, easy to maintain. Invest in high-quality window blinds, which are essential for eliminating urban glare and thus facilitating screen presentations. Add company information screens to the walls, arrange potted plants discreetly to scatter oxygen among your workers, and your premises is fit for business.

So, even if you do not have the financial resources to commission custom-built premises from the outset, you can still project a smart image.

Sheri Gill Author