Best Designer Tiles For Floors And Walls

There are plenty of tile options for designing the interiors and exteriors of a house and/or corporate properties. However, not all those options are equally affordable and equally strong. So, taking all the considerations of natural stones, marbles, wood, and cement in mind, the best option to reinvest the interiors of a house is porcelain tiles. It is because;

  • Porcelain tiles can be built to resemble the texture and finish of stones, brick, cement, marble, as well as wood
  • Porcelain tiles offer almost the same strength as that of natural stones at fairly cheaper prices
  • These tiles are water-resistant, frost-resistant, stain-resistant, and anti-slippery

Types And Hues Of Stunning Designer Porcelain Tiles

Designer porcelain tiles at Carreaux Metro offer a mindblowing range of colors, shades, finishing, textures, and durability. The 5 types of finest tile collections from Italy, Portugal, and China at Carreaux Metro are given below.

  1. Tiles From The Mayfair Polis Collection

The glossy tiles from this collection come from China and imitate the look of marble stone. The 2 available colors include;

  • Calacatta Oro
  • Statuario
  1. Tiles From The Chamarel Collection

Light up the interiors of your house with these wooden-imitation porcelain tiles from the Chamarel collection. Exhibiting Italian designs and a matte finish, they are available in the following 5 exciting hues and patterns.

  • White
  • Avio
  • Natural
  • Avio 3D
  • Alum 3D
  1. Tiles From The Polido Concrete Collection

Taking inspiration from the Portugal designs and patterns, these semi-polished indoor tiles are cut in the form of a square. Perfect for both floors and walls, they are available in the following 4 stunning yet subtle hues.

  • Fog
  • Nut
  • Smoke
  • White
  1. Tiles From The Brick Collection


The tiles from the Brick Collection at Carreaux Metro offer a modern and neat look. Imitating the shape of bricks, these Italian porcelain tiles have a matte finish. They are available in 5 light as well as dark hues that are listed below.

  • Anthracite
  • Gray
  • Cotto Dark
  • Ivory
  • Mocha
  1. Tiles From The Chalet Collection

These Italian indoor tiles are the perfect options for people in love with raw wooden texture flooring with a matte finish. A perfect amalgamation between classic old world charm and modern interiors, the tiles from the Chalet Collection are available in the following 3 royal colors.

  • Artic White
  • Silver Gray
  • Street Blue

On a closing note, as long as you’re buying porcelain tiles from trusted suppliers, you’re actually investing your money in long-lasting and economical options.

Rose Mary Author