Some tips to follow to Choose the Ideal Granite Countertop.

Granite has a knack for defying all kinds of typecasting, famous for being go to kitchen surface for its durability. It is a natural stone, so every distinct slab is unique in its color, patterning, and shading. As there are many choices available, we have also listed some tips on how to find a perfect Kitchen Wholesalers granite countertops.


  • Cost variables


It means that you pay for more than you use. Many suppliers will charge you for the entire slab, no matter how much you use it. In order to bring down the waste and save money, consult your designer and a supplier to choose a slab beforehand and integrate that slab into your design.


  • Differences in color


The nature tends to add some common colors like natural tones, on the other hand, sometimes a rarer ones as well. If the hue is scarcer, then the costs may increase as well.


  • Availability.


Apart from the quantity of the stone, access and availability is also limited by seasonal feuds or political unrest that can affect the cost of the stone.


  • Semiprecious stones


Many granites entail semiprecious stones like the labradorite that will increase the cost of the slab by paramount.


  • Composition


Not all granite slabs are granite. When it comes to countertops, granite includes many dense stones that are acid proof. The rainforest brown is deemed serpentine which means composition between granite and marble. The Iron Red Granite is 80 to 90 percent iron ore which is weirdly magnetic and a real mess to cut. Fabrication costs tend to increase with these challenging stones.


  • Learn the lingo when shopping for the slabs


Japurana means a slab with a flowing pattern. Giallo comes in multiple slab names and is Italian for yellow or gold.


  • Bonus pointers


When shopping for countertops, make sure that you are not only optimizing on your slab and money, but of design potential. A part of your slab can be showcased or joints can be coordinated to fade its look. So, feel free to ask to view the template process where the fabricator lays the countertop section. You can make sure that your favorite slab is not excluded in the sink cutout and is showcased in the center of the island. When you find a slab you like, then you can secure your purchase because for you it is one of its kind.

Rose Mary Author