5 Major Systems Examined During a Home Inspection

Home Inspection

For many people, purchasing a home is the biggest investment of their lives. After finding the perfect property and having your bid accepted, the next major hurtle is the home inspection. It’s the place where many deals fall apart, but it’s essential because inspectors check these five major systems.

Plumbing and Septic

The professional you hire will do a visual inspection of the plumbing and septic tank Orlando to make sure everything is running, draining, and flushing properly. If there is no overflow or sewage seepage into the yard, the system is considered in working order.

Heating and Air Conditioning

The home inspector will typically turn on both systems to find out if they’re performing as expected. Unfortunately, it may not be possible to test air conditioning if the outside air is under 60 degrees, but a professional can typically tell if everything looks okay and if it switches on properly.


One of the most worrying discoveries is knob and tube wiring found in older homes. It is considered particularly dangerous because of the potential fire hazard it poses, as is aluminum wiring that was popular in midcentury construction.The home inspector will try to catch those hazards as well as other electrical issues including an overloaded electrical panel or lack of sufficient circuits.


The structural integrity of the home often literally and figuratively rests on the health of the foundation. Your home inspector will look for cracks, moisture, and other signs of trouble with a visual inspection and advise accordingly.


Since new roofs are costly to install and leaks cause major damage, the home inspector will check the integrity and health of the roof by looking at the attic for signs of moisture and even climbing a ladder for a visual exterior inspection.

While it’s important to purchase a home you fall in love with, you should only close on a home that an inspector has deemed structurally sound. Don’t worry if the deal falls apart at inspection if it saves you from buying a money pit disguised as your dream home.

Rose Mary Author