What to Look for in an Architect

Whether you are looking for an architect to help you design or remodel an existing home or commercial building, having the best design experience relies on working with the right architect. Therefore, consider the following before you purchase architectural design services.

Your Goals

You probably have very specific needs in the structure you are building. For example, will it be a home or commercial property? If it is a commercial property, what type of work will be done in the building? Identify your space requirements, the number of rooms and even the architectural style you prefer. You also need to calculate your budget. Then, go over these goals with prospective architects. Choose the architects who understand and can meet these goals.


Your architect should be versatile. Although many architects have specific design philosophies or work within certain architectural styles, search for one who is adaptable. Your needs are not going to be the same as everyone else’s needs. Therefore, an architect with a wide range of experience can pull features from different designs and merge them seamlessly to ensure your build gives you what you need.

Their Network

Building requires a full team of people, from architects to contractors and interior designers. You want an architect not only has contacts in the area, but also has professionals the architect regularly works with for major building projects. Make sure your architect works well with others, including those they are unfamiliar with.

Choose an architect who has the staff, time and resources to complete your build within your timeline.

Communication Skills

Your architect should listen to and understand you and your needs and should contact you regularly to update you on the project. These professionals should also be able to drill down technical jargon so you understand every part of your build process and requirements. Discuss your architect’s preferred communication method and timelines before signing any contracts. Make sure their communication strategy meets your needs.

If you plan to build or remodel an existing building, consider working with a reputable architect.

Rose Mary Author