Warning Signs Your Septic Tank Needs Repair

If you’re one of many homeowners with a septic system, then you likely know how much maintenance it requires to keep running properly. Every few years, your septic tank needs to be drained. However, depending on the waste generation and soil conditions, your septic tank may need to be drained more often. Plus, you have to regularly check the tank for any clogs or leaks. This can be a hassle to do on your own, especially if you’re not used to the process. Here are some signs that you need septic system repair omaha tx.

Groundwater Contamination

If you find that the groundwater or a well near your property has become contaminated, then it might indicate that your septic tank is the culprit and needs attention. This type of contamination might signal that wastewater is leaking out of the tank. Not only should you avoid drinking the water or cooking with it, but you should also consider getting septic tank maintenance dahlonega ga as it may need repair.

Foul Odors

Your sense of smell is a reliable way to tell how full your septic tank is and if things have gone awry. As your septic tank becomes full of wastewater from your home, it’ll start to emit foul-smelling odors. So if you’re outside and you notice an unusually bad smell, then it’s probably not the garbage. It could be your septic tank, especially if the smell is around the drain field or above your septic tank.

Proper septic tank maintenance will help ensure that your system will last its intended life expectancy, and maybe even longer. Instead of possibly contaminating the groundwater, damaging the drain field and causing a host of other problems, you should be aware of the signs that your septic tank needs to be serviced.

Tereso sobo Author