Everything You Need to Know About Single Ply Roofing

A single ply roofing system remains one of the most cost-effective types of commercial roofing materials today. Unlike a traditional style layer of roofing, the single ply systems can be installed quickly and with just one single layer providing adequate protection. With results in a faster period of time and with reduced costs, many companies are switching over to single ply roofing as their roofing of choice.

Here are some of the main types of single ply roofing and their benefits.


EPDM is a synthetic rubber roofing material that’s been used since the 1960s. Many roofers like to install this single ply roofing in a loose laid format or in a mechanically fastened format with nails. Solvent-based adhesives are also commonly used for a quick installation process here. EPDM roofs are some of the best new roofing materials and they are passing car components and build up roofs for their ease of installation.


TPO is a thermoplastic olefin and it works to seal in a roof with a heat welding style of installation. These products typically come in white and they’re made of a rubber material. The seems on the base of TPO have their own built-in adhesives. This single ply roofing material has become a popular choice in Florida because it reflects sunlight away from buildings more efficiently and offers significant energy savings.


Polyvinyl chloride is a product that is typically used for electrical cable and water pipe installation. PVC roofing is perfect for preventing pooling water and for offering excellent in cooling as well.

If you are interested in utilizing single ply roofing, any one of these options could serve as an excellent choice for you. Understanding the right type of single ply roofing that will work for your needs can mean working with a roofing contractor. Speaking to a roofing contractor today can make sure that you can choose the right single ply roofing for your needs. Contact us now to find out more about these roofing types.

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