How To Introduce Metal Furniture Into Your Bedroom Scheme

Metal furniture is not a new thing; in fact, it’s been around for a very long time, but just like all trends, things do go in and out of fashion all the time. Fortunately for metal furniture, we rarely see it slide to the back of “has been” list because instead, metal furniture tends to continually reinvent itself and suit current styles of decor. Take, for instance, black wrought iron, which was taken over by chrome and metallic pieces, and now we also have an ongoing trend for very chick copper pieces.

If you are thinking about adding some metal furniture to your bedroom scheme right now, here are some tips on how to get you started!

  • Metal beds

Metal beds have never been a new thing, they have been around for a while and are still as popular as ever. However, they have evolvedover the years, so if you need to start somewhere, adding a metal bed frame to your new bedroom scheme is the perfect place to begin.

Metal beds are available in various style choices, vintage; contemporary modern, you name it, you can find the right kind of bed to suit your style of decor. There is no shortage of colour choice, too, as metal frames do come with plenty of options.

  • Style

Vintage designs tend to have lots of detail on them, think Victorian esque, and over the top all-out glam, you can even go for a four-post bed with drapes if you want to really step things up.

Contemporary designs are rather more minimalistic in design, so think simple, clean lines and not fussy, just simply beautiful.

  • Comfort

A question that is often asked is the comfort factor of metal beds; people wonder if it’s cold. The truth is metal beds do not affect comfort whatsoever; it’s the actual mattress that determines the comfort factor, not the frame. Besides, you can add as many throws, cushions, etc. as you like to make your bed extra special and cosy for you.

  • Extras

To tie a theme together, you may want to add some other metal furnishings to your room, such as lamps, storage and shelving, and maybe even some chic Artwork if you are going for contemporary modern design.

Because metal is usually shiny, people tend to like adding mirrors so that the room is reflective, and it also makes it appear much bigger. Your fabrics can reflect the colour of metal, so for greys, add some fluffy grey cushions and velvet grey curtains so that there is a nice mixture of textures within the room, perhaps even a nice fluffy rug too. Metal is easy to clean, so one thing’s for sure, that bed will last you years to come!

Tereso sobo Author