Home Heating Oil Facts To Know!

If you’ve already changed your central heating systems to oil over natural gas, you may already be ‘in-the-know’ when it comes to the benefits of doing so, and you may know by now that the myths surrounding heating oil are not as a factual as we were once lead to believe!

 But, for everyone else, here’s more on the truth, as we separate the facts from the fiction!

  1. Home heating oil is not a threat to our environment!

Ok, so since we are in the midst of eco-friendly attentiveness with more awareness on the subject like never before it only makes sense that we clear this myth up once and for all, Heating oil is safe to the environment and unlike previous versions (going back 20 years) which admittedly was a dirtier fuel source back then, this is not the case today! Emissions no longer impact the environment due to advancements in bio-fuel, which is cleaner and much greener these days; in fact, it releases far fewer emissions into the atmosphere, so it is completely within guidelines when it comes to acceptable efficient resources.

  1. Safety measures

You cannot get any safer, and that is a fact, heating oil in liquid form is non-explosive, you could literally throw a lit match into the tank, and it still wouldn’t ignite! The oil needs to be ignited in order to heat your home, and the only way this is doable is with your boiler, if the boiler is off, the oil is basically nothing other than the equivalent to a tank of ordinary harmful liquid!

  1. Heating oil is more Robust

Oil Boilers are one of the most robust methods heating sources you will find, in fact, many well-cared for, and maintained boilers have a shelf-life of around 20 years, their durability, when compared to gas boilers, is off the scale! However, newer models are more energy-efficient, due to advances in technology, so replacements are mainly for efficiency purposes.

  1. Cost-effectiveness

Economically it’s a no brainer to use heating oil because unlike natural gas, which is basically on tap at the touch of the switch, with heating oil, you are in full control of how much you buy and how much you use. Of course, there will be some changes from time to time because prices do fluctuate (which is beyond anyone’s control), but even so comparison wise it still sits firmly at the top for being the most affordably efficient.

  1. Service

All boilers need servicing, and home heating oil ones are no different. In order to keep it in tip-top shape, working as efficiently as it should be and maintaining its safety certificate, its ideal to have annual services to clear out any build-up, residue, dirt, or grime that could impact on its performance quality.