How to Increase Your Home’s Natural Light

It is a well-acknowledge fact that the aesthetic appeal of any home comes primarily from the lightning but, natural light is one of the most under-rated features a home can have. While installed light fixtures can do well for the interior decoration theme, natural light has an effortless perfection that literally brightens up the home. Interested? Here are five amazing ways to increase your home’s natural light.

  1. Open space

Your home décor theme may feature clusters of furniture, and other fancy space holders but, if you want to maximize natural light you need open space. Opt for length in seating arrangement for your furniture, rather than width. This way, you can create space in your living area. Look out for the spots in your house that are exposed to more natural light and manoeuver the space to allow more inflow of the natural light surrounding the house.

  1. Light-themed furniture

While an open space creates the avenue for natural light to do its job of brightening up the room, your furniture can either absorb or reflect the light. For a location where the light surrounds your property, you need to have lightly colored furniture. The stress of cleaning stains and messes is what discourages most people, but a pastel-colored couch with glossy finish will reflect natural light and still be easy to clean if something spills.

  1. Reflective floors

Having an open space leading to corridors may be great but if the floor absorbs the light, it becomes one huge stream of bright light that starts and ends at one spot. Reflective floors like bright Oakwood flooring or tiles are excellent choices to increase natural light in your home. They bounce off the light coming in from windows and doors in different directions to brighten up the home.

  1. Larger windows and doors

Optimizing natural light in your home is such a pleasing aspect of interior decoration, you can get this done easily by installing larger windows and doors. Floor-to-ceiling windows are an amazing choice to increase natural light in your living area, wide glass patio doors are also a great choice when placed in the direction with the most natural light. These fixtures bring in the natural light, and when combined with the effort of light furniture and an open space, they are literal perfection.

  1. Brighter paint

Above all else, a great way to increase the natural light in your home is by simply using brighter paint for your walls. The light will bounce off the walls and reflective in every other surface that has been optimized to increase natural light.

Get your house to magazine perfection by increasing natural light in every way you can!

Rose Mary Author