Grab these looks: 5 Bertoia Chair Design Layout Ideas

Sculptor and industrial designer Harry Bertoia truly portrayed his superior creative polymath talent when it came to handcrafting the stunning Bertoia Chair. The ideas of lines and variations in multiple mediums may seem an unorthodox concept in domestic households. If you follow the correct strategy of incorporating key elements and décor styles around these chairs, you can create a wonderful living space that is tailor-made to your lifestyle. When it comes to interior design spaces, attention to detail is crucial, so we took the time to create a comprehensive guideline to help you navigate tricky design waters:

  1. A small-sized transitional living space:


You can use the Bertoia Chair to make a big and stunning statement in a relatively small space as it brings with it an illusion of openness due to the meshwork frame. This modest yet highly appealing space brings forth a dramatic design moment with the faux fur draped luxuriously over the polished chrome structure of the chair. There’s a lot of playing around with scale going on here that’s making the whole thing very intriguing. Furthermore, this is accomplished by placing the smooth, unembellished structure of the chair on a mesmerizingly patterned rug, a mid-century table piece that may seem out of place but actually works beautifully here, a touch of classiness with peach and cream backdrops and a simple yet effective overhead copper lamp.

  1. A dynamic arrangement:


The product of experimental art and production lead to the multifaceted design of the Bertoia Chair. This makes it a versatile addition in a variety of spaces. We’ve seen how normally it is incorporated as a group seating arrangement, but the beauty of its refined structure is its ability to stand as a solo monument. The slightly theatrical and vibrant scheme here helps it fulfill both functional and aesthetic purposes. Seeped in deep hues, it is balanced out by the splash of color from the tasteful portraits and patterned rug. The warm wooden tones harmonize nicely with the darker muted tones of the table and vegan leather upholstery, giving the space a sense of personality and style. You will notice the use of minimalistic ornaments and a glass tabletop. This approach is a smart execution that doesn’t overwhelm senses whilst allowing the chair to fulfill its utilitarian destiny.

  1. Redefine elegant lines in any space:


Illustrated above is a testimony to Bertoia’s architectural background and a fundamental belief in open, airy visual statement designs. The Bertoia Chairs captured above are a holistic representation of mid-century modern living spaces. It instills within it elements of a contemporary nature whilst also retaining raw and pure nature-oriented elements. There’s a sense of suaveness introduced with the faux fur throws draped over the metallic frame of the chair. The subtle placement doesn’t overpower or hide the frame of the chairs, rather it accentuates its regal shape.

The modernist, geometric light fixture above alongside the waves of natural light pooling in from the bay windows highlight the glossy contours of the chair. In order to inject a sense of domestic living you can use more rural décor pieces like a wooden center table, or ceramic ornaments, even a touch of botanical greenery will do just fine. The malleable lined design situated amidst bare white walls and ceilings creates a free-spirited space.

  1. A fusion of diverse styles:


One of the best parts of interior designing and timeless entities like the Bertoia Chair is your ability to experiment with and fuse together extremely diversified furniture pieces. In the image above you can see a fantastic mashup of rustic, modern and funky furnishings. They really transforms any room into an extraordinary stage. Beautifully displayed is a visually gratifying mix of eclectic spiritedness. The use of distinct small statement art pieces and a combination of hushed colors and textures are in contrast. As a result, this contrast to the chair makes it all very easy on the eyes. Here you can clearly see how the soft silhouette of the seat goes hand in hand with the raw organic traits of the worktable and bench. The aim here is to go all out maximalist. You need a refreshing deployment of outdoor elements to curate a fun as well as playful setting.

  1. Tantalize your senses with a daring and bold design:


The layout design presented here adds a striking burst of character, tantalizing artistic sensibilities. Homeowners and interior designers alike can appreciate the magnetic power of the Bertoia chair. In fact, it can jazz up any space to garner a praiseworthy response from onlookers. The use of mosaic art, fruit bowls, and lively floral pieces as supplementary items further enrich this communal area.

The Bertoia Chair possesses both an ergonomic and handsome design, making it very easy to install. The examples above are just one of the hundreds to assist you on your design journey.

Sheri Gill Author