DIY: Tips & Tricks to clean Appliances at home.

Home Appliances are useful that it makes our daily chores done in sometime. However, cleaning the utensils is no cakewalk. There are many other equipment which are available to clean the appliances but consumes a lot of time but no need to worry as there 10 do it on your own ways to clean your necessary home appliances. And to save some bucks on home appliances, use coupon codes at the time of your purchase.

1) Smooth and silky windows-

Clean and shining windows are not hard to achieve yet it is the most neglected part of any house. You often see waterdrops formed on the window which makes it look dirty and foggy. There are a few little things that are required when you are cleaning a window. It includes sponges, microfiber cloth, cleaning solution or soap mixtures. To clean your windows, mix detergent or any solution in a bucket filled with water. You can also add vinegar to the bucket or corn-starch. Now with the help of the sponge clean the window and its corners, then let it dry and wipe it with a dry cloth to give it a clean shining look.

2) Clearing the water stains-

Water stains including Hard Water Stains are tough to clean as they stick to their ground on the surfaces of tiles, glass etc. You can get rid of hard water stains with the help of homemade natural cleaners. A paste of baking soda and vinegar can act as an effective cleanser to clean the hard water stains. Mix them well and spread the paste on the strain. Let it sit there for 15-minute rinse it with water and scrub. It is essential that after rinsing it, you immediately wipe it with a dry cloth to prevent any further water stains.

3) Remove dents in wood-

Dents in wooden furniture are often caused by shifting it to various places in the house or outside the home. To clean the dents from the wooden furniture, you need an iron, paper towel and some water. Now put a dab of water on the dent affected area and cover it with the paper towel. Now iron over the paper towel firmly until the water evaporates. This trick helps the wooden fibres absorb the water and expand it to its original shape. You shall continue this process by adding more water until the dents go away.

4) Unclog a basin or sink –

A clogged basin or sink is unhygienic and smells like rot. Unclogging it in itself is a master task. You can unclog a sink/basin by using a plunger. Fill the basin/sink till its half-full then stuff a washcloth into the drain and apply the pressure on the clog. Now with applied pressure, pull the plunger off the drain opening and see the sink/basin unclogged. There are other ways as well to unclog a basin/sink. You can pour baking soda on the opening of the sink and then pour some vinegar on the same and wait for 5 minutes and run warm water to see the clog disappears.

5) Clean burnt utensils-

Burnt vessels are so rigid to take off and destroys the utensils when you try to take it out. However, one of the most effective tricks of taking it off is aerated drinks. Pour some aerated drink in a vessel and boil it until it starts to bubble then remove it with the help of a scrub.

6) Clean the microwave-

Microwaves are an everyday use and essential household appliance. Its cleanliness is equally important. To clean the microwave, pour some white vinegar in a bowl and place it inside the microwave. Now heat the vinegar until it starts to get evaporated but keep your eyes on the container to avoid any unfortunate incident. After that, you clean the inside of the microwave with a dry paper cloth.

7) Keep dishwasher fresh –

The appliance that is used to clean your utensils needs cleaning too. Grease, leftovers reduces the working capacity and efficiency of the dishwasher. The first step in cleaning the dishwasher, clear the drain and put some white vinegar along with baking soda and run it on a hot water cycle. It will get out the grease and smell from the dishwasher.

8) Clean the toaster –

It is as easy as it sounds, remove the breadcrumbs from the toaster and wash the inside of it with the help of a toothbrush. After that polish, the exterior and place the tray after removing crumbs.

9) Clean the water filter –

To clean the water filter, pour some oxalic acid and let it sit for 10 minutes. On the other hand, make a mixture of bleach and water and clean the purifier. After this, scrub it down with a dry paper.

10) Clean stove spills –

A microfiber cloth and dishwasher are enough to clean a stove. However, you can sprinkle some lemon or vinegar get out the grease instantly.

Dom Dannis Author