Give a Fresh Look to Your Cuisine Space with Kitchen Renovations

You might be having a really old kitchen that no longer meets your needs, or you could simply be bored with the current design. Reasons for kitchen renovations can be plenty. Whatever your reason maybe, it is important to ensure that your money is well-spent. While all people set out to do that, there are plenty of failures, due to lack of foresightedness. If you are planning on kitchen renovations, here are some things you should consider before you start to rip out those tiles.

  • Ceiling height cabinets, not in a distressed finish

If you have a ceiling height of eight feet, install cabinets that go the full length of the ceiling. That way, you get to maximize your storage space. If you have higher ceilings though, then it is better to leave about 15 inches at the top for an increased visibility of the kitchen aesthetics.

In terms of the finish of the cabinet, it is best to avoid distressed or crackle finishes. They can quickly go out of fashion, leaving you with another pending option for kitchen remodeling, much sooner than you imagined.

  • Soft-close drawer glides are a must.

Generally, you tend to use your kitchen drawers a lot. Thus, it is imperative that you install drawer glides with soft-close features. They will not slam, and they are more durable than the regular ones.

  • Allocate project costs.

With kitchen renovations, or for that matter any kind of renovation, the rule of thumb is to add 50% to the projected cost. However, to keep yourself from overshooting your budget, allocate cost to each element for the renovation. While there is no hard and fast rule here, generally, it is a good idea to allocate 30% of your budget to cabinetry and hardware, about 25% to installation and design, 15% to appliances, 15% to walls and windows, and about 10% to electrical work and plumbing. The rest can be used for counters and miscellaneous expenditures.

  • Take time to select your lighting fixtures.

When going for kitchen renovations, make sure that you don’t leave your lighting fixtures to the end. Lighting is an intrinsic part of design, and it should be given due importance. Spend some time planning the lighting in the kitchen and selecting fixtures that go with the mood of your decor. For example, if you are going for something minimalistic and contemporary, warm lighting fixtures are what you should be looking for.

  • Try and keep your current layout.

To keep costs down with kitchen renovations, it is always best to stick to your current layout. Thus, try remodeling without bringing down walls, moving gas pipelines, electrical wiring, or plumbing work. It will save you money as well as time.

  • Invest in a good countertop.

Do not try to save a few bucks when it comes to countertops. While laminates can be really cheap on the pocket, aesthetically, they don’t gel in most décor themes. Moreover, they lack durability, compared to solid materials such as marble and granite. Corian is a good option too when it comes to countertops.

  • Keep your island light.

Cluttered islands sitting like a lump in the middle of the kitchen don’t look good. Ideally, islands should have an airy feel to them, without too many appliances crowding them.

  • Stick to surfaces with texture.

Surfaces such as terra-cotta and slate have a natural texture, which can camouflage spills. Thus, your kitchen becomes easier to maintain in case of any accidental spilling. If such surfaces are not an option, at least go for tiles in a darker hue since every stain won’t be visible in that way easily. If you want to give a contemporary look with modern colors, finishes and clean lines then please connect with us now & see how beautiful your kitchen’s appearance after renovating.

Tereso sobo Author