3 Tips for Caring for Your Pool

After several years of pool ownership, it’s time to reaccess your pool’s needs. It may have long-term structural needs or you might want to enhance your current maintenance practices. Especially if your pool receives a lot of guests, you will want to ensure that it’s a safe and satisfying place to spend time in. 

1. Repair

By repairing damages in and around your pool, you can prioritize safety. Maintain functional drain covers and set up safety barriers, particularly for young swimmers. Outside of your pool, store medical equipment. Organize floatation devices in a place where they will not become tripping hazards and throw out any defective floaties. If you have chipped flooring or pool tiles, seek out tile replacements Schaumburg IL. Small fixes can prevent cuts, bruises, and more serious injuries. 

2. Sanitize

Test your pool water frequently, preferably on a weekly basis. You don’t want to give anything a chance to grow. Pool health has an impact on human health. Check the pH levels, try shock treatment to combat foggy water, and seek out algaecide and other treatments. Ask other pool owners for advice. You might discover a product that’s been working well for someone else for over a decade. The same is true of pool vacuums. Determine which type works best for your needs. A fancier vacuum could prove more cost-effective over time. 

3. Swim

Use your pool. You probably didn’t invest in a pool just to stare at the gently moving waters. Pools are for swimming. A pool in use gives you reasons to clean and maintain your pool. It gives the pool purpose. Organize swim lessons, recruit coaches, and provide exciting programming. Imagine the impact your pool and services can have on all who swim there. A child who takes lessons there now might return in twenty-five years to enroll another child in swim classes. 

While the maintenance and organizing sides of pool ownership will take a lot of energy, you’ll be rewarded if you put in the effort.

Dom Dannis Author