Combining Households In A Way That Cuts Down On The Clutter

Moving in with your partner is an exciting time, but when both parties already have separate homes and are about to create one new one, how do you accomplish that without a hoard of clutter? Two lots of a whole household of contents simply isn’t going to work, so how do you face this challenge without it turning into stress?

We’ve put together these tips to help you out:

Join forces to tackle the De-cluttering!

Working together to do the de-cluttering is better than working alone. You could take turns and do one house at a time and try to establish between the two of you what items make the cut, what’s for the bin and what could possibly go up for sale. You will have double of everything, and you certainly will not need all of that stuff. Deciding on which items to keep (between the two of you) may create some drama, but if tackled together now at least it won’t be as stressful later on. Selling unwanted or unneeded items may be an added bonus, it could help to raise some valuable funds so think of this as a positive before the move.

Agree on Decor and Style at the start

Unless you are both budding interior design enthusiasts, you may find that at least one of the parties is happy to allow the other to take charge when it comes to decor and style. If both want some input, you have to be prepared that one of you or both of you will most likely have to compromise on certain things. Again, when it comes to combining households it’s evident that some things will suit your decor tastes and other things may not, so try to be reasonable with one another because unless it’s a sentimental item you are pledging to keep? You only really need to take the essentials and anything that will compliment your choice of design.


Try to be realistic when it comes to the sizes of your items of furniture and the new space it’s about to be Re-housed at, you may love that large American Style fridge but if you are moving to a much smaller kitchen will it be ideal? It could be tricky deciding what will fit better in the new home so it may be worth using Self-storage if you are struggling to make a decision. With two lots of household contents to sort out, self-storage could offer a short-term solution to aid you more time to get the job done, and it may save arguments when we are not being rushed into making decisions right away.

There are plenty of options to help couples tackle this mission, so it doesn’t have to be a headache, getting the job done without the added drama will set yourself up for a great start in your new home and life together, best of luck.

Rose Mary Author