Your Choices for the Perfect Cleaning With Vacuum

Be careful, the devices do not all guarantee a filtration corresponding to the efficiency of their Hepa filter because the multiple dust can be dispersed via other places (play between plastic parts for example). Remember that you can also come in contact with dust during many vacuum cleaning operations. This is particularly the case when emptying the tank on devices without bags. What is the use of aspiring if it is to reject the dust in the air? The filters act as barriers to prevent dust from escaping while allowing air to circulate. For the fine bissell crosswave reviews 2019 this you can make the choice.

Sold between 10 and 50 euros, they change regularly every 5 bags. It is therefore essential to take into account these additional user fees when purchasing the vacuum cleaner. Some models offer washable filters, practical for maintenance and therefore cheaper in the long run.

HEPA filters (High Efficiency Particulate Air) are very interesting especially for people with allergies or asthmatics, because they can retain small particles (pollen, dust mites, etc.) too fine to be stopped by the vacuum cleaner filters classics. You will need to know a number to know if the performance of the tool is good. The higher the number attached to the reference (H13 and H14 in hospital), the more stringent and recent standards are.

Pay attention to details

Users are becoming more demanding and also want more maneuverability from their vacuum cleaner. When buying, Do not hesitate to open the lid to know if the replacement of the bags is simple and observe the maintenance recommendations. When choosing your vacuum cleaner, it is essential to have all the information that can guide your decision.

Some vacuums require a tank drain or filter cleaning after each action. The sled must be easy to drive, have a power variator and a hose connection to the body of the device that can be oriented 360 °. Controls, either at the handle or at the foot, must be easy to use. Finally, if the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a rubber on the periphery, it will protect the furniture and doors – just like him – during your travels.

Note: a qualitative brush is half the performance of a vacuum cleaner. So do not forget to check the accessories that come with the vacuum that you have planned to choose.

  • Dual-purpose brush: supplied with all appliances, it sucks smooth floors and carpets not too thick
  • Turbobrush: recommended for removing lint, hair and animal hair from carpets and rugs
  • Electrobrush: Very effective in removing dirt on carpet, upholstery and carpets the most solid, exposed to multiple passages
  • Parquet brush: with long and flexible bristles, it allows to gently maintain fragile soils
  • Hard floor brush: composed of tightened bristles, it facilitates the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner on tiles and other specific surfaces

Specific brushes: long nozzle, crevice tool, upholstery brush

The vacuum cleaners consist of 2 filters: one is located between the bag and the motor (which will avoid damaging it) and a second one   located between the engine and the air outlet that limits the release of micro-dust in the air).

Dom Dannis Author