Why Is It Important To Understand How An AC Unit Works?

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Air conditioners have become a necessity because of the heat waves that are hitting are skin nowadays. But while using air conditioners it is important to understand how an AC unit works. 

Did You Know?

Are you aware of the fact that when you switch on the AC it transfers all the heat elsewhere and cools the air before pumping it to your room? Rather than cooling the hot air, it removes the excess heat through a system of coils, compressors, and fans. The cooling air that you get from the vents is the remaining one

Understand your AC

We buy an air conditioner because we feel it will help in eliminating all our heat issues, but it is important to understand how the item works. Get a detailed understanding of how the components of an AC work so that you can prevent yourself from any further happenings. Every AC has an inside unit and an outside unit that are essential in the overall process. Both the parts work together and function well to provide cooling in the area.

Inside Unit

The indoor unit or inside unit is found in the basement and is close to your furnace. It has a coil box that contains an evaporator which absorbs heat from the outside. The evaporator contains a fluid that is usually called the refrigerant. This fluid helps the evaporator to absorb the heat from the outer space. After the absorption is complete, it is evaporated and cool air is left behind. The air conditioner then blows the cool air into the room and makes it chilly. 

You can understand this process by understanding how water boils on your stove top. As the water absorbs heat it starts to boil and then when it is boiled completely the water starts to evaporate. The refrigerant works in the same way. 

Outside Unit

The outdoor unit is attached at the back or outside of your house. The absorbed heat goes to this unit and it goes to the compressor first. The outside unit contains a coil, compressor and a fan. The compressor moves the liquid through the entire system. The refrigerant can be reused so the compressor compresses the liquid at high pressure and moves it onto the condenser that is the outdoor coil. 

The condenser and the fan operate together to cool down the fluid and as the refrigerant moves through the condenser the fan gives air through it, causing it to recoil towards cooler temperatures.  

This is the entire process that completes an AC unit operating efficiently. It’s not only about cooling your room but it absorbs the heat and throws it away to provide you with a cooler temperature. 

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