What Makes a Better Deck, Fiberglass or Wood?

For centuries, outdoor decks and other structures have been built of wood. Recent developments with fiberglass, however, have made this a preferred option for outdoor construction for fiberglass pool installers lexington ky.


Fiberglass is a perfect material for outdoor construction because is so durable and long-lasting. Because it is so resistant to moisture, it resists rot and warping. This is not true of wood. Fiberglass decking material Texas maintains shape over time, which extends the life of your deck.

Easy to Install

Fiberglass is lightweight and easy to work with, so you can get a deck on in just a few hours. It is light to carry than wood and driving screws or pounding nails into the fiberglass decking is almost effortless. It makes a great DIY project or a low-cost addition to your home if you hire the work out.


While the cost of lumber is going up, fiberglass decking remains a very affordable material. Because it lasts so long and holds up so well, a fiberglass deck is a good investment.


You can choose fiberglass decking in almost any color, and unlike wood, it never needs to be painted. Simply sweep and mop it occasionally to keep it looking great. If you deck gets really dirty, you can power wash it, but this is not often necessary. An attractive fiberglass deck increases the value of your home.


Fiberglass is a great choice for outdoor projects for many reasons, but it is also sustainable. Fiberglass is recyclable, so when you want to replace your deck, it can be ground up and reshaped into a new form. Using fiberglass instead of wood saves trees and other natural resources, and helps reduce the amount of materials sent to landfills. Wooden decking materials are treated with toxic chemicals that are not good for the environment and difficult to dispose of.

Fiberglass is long-lasting, easy to care for and environmentally friendly. It’s hard to find a better material for building a deck or outdoor structure.

Paul Petersen Author