Top Reasons to Consider Living in Southampton

Southampton is a beautiful city located on the south coast of England. The city is popular as the city you sail away from, ‘The cruise port city.’ It’s undoubtedly an incredible place to kick off a cruise. However, it’s much more than just that. The city boasts excellent schools, a rich history, and a scenic environment. If you are considering moving to Southampton, here are some reasons you will love living in this city.

Excellent Learning Amenities

Southampton is a perfect place to call home if you have school-going kids or want to further your education. The city boasts great educational facilities, including top-rated public and private schools. It also has world-class universities like the University of Southampton, Southampton Solent University, and City College Southampton, providing a suitable environment for local and international students to acquire career skills in Engineering, Law, and Computer Science.

An Industrial City

Southampton is a very business-friendly city with plenty of opportunities available for start-ups. Numerous industries offer a plethora of professional opportunities in this city. Established companies that have made Southampton their home include Southpoint Films and many other consumer-focused enterprises. Southampton is also home to businesses that build automated robotic machinery, heavy-duty computers for industrial use, cleaning machine manufacturing, and turbocharger repair and maintenance for large ships.

Top Sporting Facilities

Southampton is an excellent sports-loving city. It boasts a highly successful football club, and on game days, St Mary’s Stadium is bustling with must watch football matches. It’s a fantastic place to sail as well. There are many fantastic locations along the Solent, including Lymington, which hosts frequent racing events. For sporting and football enthusiasts, Southampton won’t disappoint.

A vibrant nightlife

If you love clubbing and spending your night out, you can never have a dull moment in Southampton. The city boasts of a vibrant nightlife. Plenty of successful nightclubs give partygoers plenty of options for having a night out in the town with friends. From award-winning spots like the Guide Dog and South Western Arms, historic places like the Red Lion and The Grapes, and new upscale start-ups like the Dancing Man Brewery and the Butcher’s Hook, Southampton has a remarkable nightlife scene with more pubs nestled away from the city center.

A Thriving Music Scene

Southampton’s music scene is growing tremendously. You’re probably going to find a place where they’re playing something you enjoy regardless of the kind of music you enjoy. Southampton usually hosts a wide range of performances by well-known touring performers and fantastic local independent musicians. There’s always something going on regarding the music scene in this city. Sometimes, new music will be released at several venues on the same night, leaving you with endless options.

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