Tips to Design Your Living Using Cushions

If your living room is looking quite old and tired, try redecorating it. However, before you consider a project of re-painting, re-placing or re-carpeting, try to use the idea of using a few cushions to your room. However, selecting the right cushions for you is quite difficult; therefore, this article will help you with the process.

  • There are certain couches which come with matching cushions; this can give your room a very dull look. Try to do something creative and add a little spice to your room. Add contrast colored cushions which complement other colors in your room; this will add excellent texture to your room.
  • The living room is often full of colors and patterns like the color of your walls, the artwork hanging on your wall, vases, trinkets, patterns on your curtains, etc. All these can make things really mismatched and give your room a busy look. Therefore, it is recommended to select cushions whose colors exist in your living room so that it can easily pull together, such as blue velvet pillow.
  • Then, comes the number of cushions that you need to opt for to style your room. If you prefer traditional lounge which has deeper colors in it, then go for even number of cushions. The modern and eclectic lounge should have an odd number of cushions.
  • While you are out for shopping, keep your color palette close by so that you can easily find out your preferred choice. If you are choosing a lounge with a combination of colors, be sure of the dominant color.
  • Then, comes the size and shape of your cushions. Try to add some depth to your selection by not choosing the exact same size of all your cushions. Otherwise, it may give a more identical and boring look.

Proper design of cushions will bring harmony and liveliness to your old room. There is a variety of fabric available; one of the best is wholesale ikat fabric.

Sheri Gill Author