Tips on How to Make Your Small Condo Look Bigger

Regarding condominium design, it can be difficult for new occupants to navigate the market’s many available options. Additionally, space is a luxury that few condominium residents can afford. As a result, we must maximise the limited space to create the illusion that your home is larger than it actually is. You will be pleased to learn that a magician is not required to create this illusion. Instead, simply follow the Singapore condo interior design guidelines listed below.

Utilise Mirrors

In tiny condominiums, strategically placing mirrors is often the most effective method to make the space appear larger. Mirrors are excellent for producing the illusion of additional space because they add depth. When situated in close proximity to a light source, mirrors can also help illuminate a space. You could also position the mirror across a window to reflect natural light. If you believe in Feng Shui, mirrors are an excellent method to channel prosperity and positive energy. Mirrors will help to reflect light and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your condo interior design.

Employ Light Colours

When working with a small space, mild, neutral, and pastel hues are the best option. Proper layering can create a great deal of depth and amplify the feeling of space. When your walls are livelier and have lighter hues, they will reflect more light and give the impression that your space is larger. On the other hand, if you use dark colours for your rooms, the dark hues tend to absorb more light, resulting in a more oppressive environment.

Bigger Windows

Installing larger windows can also contribute to a feeling of increased space. This is effective because the increased window area will let in more natural light. Large windows also create the illusion that your condo is taller than it actually is. It provides an obstructed view of the exterior while adding height to the space you wish to modify. In addition to generating more space, large windows can facilitate a stronger connection between condo owners and nature.

Glass Windows and Walls

Unknown to many homeowners, compact condos typically have the same number of walls as larger residences. If it is possible to demolish non-structural barriers in your condominium, replacing them with glass partitions is a good idea. Glass is an effective method to make any space appear larger because it eliminates the visual barriers created by opaque walls. In addition, installing glass doors and walls will allow guests to view your condo at a glance, exposing different rooms and creating a spacious environment in your home. A further advantage of using glass partitions is that light can travel more freely between rooms, illuminating the entire house and creating a more aesthetically pleasing environment.