The Most Common Roof Trouble Spots You Will Find

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Our roof protects us from heat, sunlight and water and above all it provides us with ultimate privacy keeping us safe and secure in a closed environment. But when these roofs are not maintained properly we can have various rooftop problems. Let us take a look at different types of rooftop problems a person can have in their house.

The Rotting Of Fascia Boards

These fascia boards are quite attractive because it covers open rafters and gives an appealing effect. It allows a space for the gutter to be attached by the board so that it can flow easily. It avoids birds and pests to enter into the territory and its long and straight boards complete the look of your rooftop. But due to the moisture in the atmosphere, it can rot quickly, so one needs to take care of it before it gets too late.

Flashing Attached To Your Rooftop

Flashing is made up of galvanized steel or aluminum and is attached at intersections at the rooftop. It is a good rooftop because it secures chimneys, skylights, and dormers but it has a disadvantage too. As these are made up of metals they can rust and cause your flashing to corrode which can cause leakage problems in your house.


Gutters are present in almost every house and without attaching gutter line one cannot live a peaceful life. They pull away from the excess water away from your home which avoids any kind of water damage to you. When these gutter lines are not cleaned properly they are clogged and serious drainage problems can occur causing damages to your home.

Shingles as Protective Barriers

Shingles work as protective barriers for your rooftops as they come in various materials they cover your roof completely. They protect the roof from being damaged by the weather and add elegance to your house. However, discoloration of shingles is quite common and they can leak as well. If not fixed immediately they can increase and cause serious damages to your house.

Soffit for a Finished Look

The soffit is attached below the fascia boards and gives a finishing look to the house. They are beneficial because they help in ventilation in the attic and push away moisture and heat away from the house. When they start to rot they can be spotted and repaired.

All of these common roof trouble spots mentioned above would have happened in each one of your houses. Whether it’s a newly built house or an old one it’s just that you need to take care of your house before paying the bills of your damages. Take extra care of your house before the repair is needed. 


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