Six Tips to Keep in Mind when Choosing Swimming Pool Tiles

Choosing the right tiles for swimming pool will add to its aesthetics and functionality. In fact, this will ensure the pool will be more enjoyable to use. But, picking the right tiles goes beyond the design, aesthetics, and colour. Use the tips below to purchase the best tiles which will accentuate the look for your swimming pool and make it safe for use by everyone:

Purchase Slip-Resistant Tiles

When you take on a project on pool tile installation, you want to ensure it will be safe for your loved ones. Because the areas around your pool are usually wet, you have to secure slip-resistant pool tiles. This will prevent any accidents which could result in serious injuries. Céramique au Sommet has a variety of slip-resistant tiles you can choose from.

Choose Top-Notch Designs

The design of your tiles dictates your pool’s visual appeal. You can choose from a variety of designs for pool tiles out there to come up with different artistic visual impacts on your outdoor space. Ensure you choose designs you are comfortable with to avoid wasting money and time.

Buy Tiles with Lifetime Guarantee

To ensure the aesthetic of your pool lasts for a long time and prevent unnecessary expenses on repairs and maintenance, choose pool tiles with lifetime guarantees. This way, you can be sure to get tiles which do not lose their colour because of fading or break easily to require regular repairs and maintenance.

Consider Tile Colour

Generally, you want tiles for pools that reflect light. For this, you may choose white or blue tiles. Avoid using dark colours at the pool base as they prevent people from determining the depth. If you want to go more adventurous about your project, consider using contrasting bands. This means adding bright colours and creating an extra splash.

Think about the Pool Exterior

You will want to choose tile patterns that blend well with the environment. This makes sure the floors and the surrounding produce a reflection that brings out the best colour ambiance. In case your pool is an enclosed area, pay attention to the wall paint’s colour. Usually, the white painted walls tend to blend with various colours.

Check on the Cleaning Aspect

Swimming pools must be kept as clean as possible to protect everyone from water-borne infections. Also, it feels great to be swimming at a clean pool. This makes it important to choose tiles that are easy to clean and resistant to stain formation.

Rose Mary Author