Remove Satellite/Antenna Without Damaging Your Roof

In this digital age, satellites and antennas have become out-dated. Many property owners are now using digital cable and getting rid of these unsightly protrusions on their rooftops. If you’re thinking of removing a satellite or antennae from your property, we’ll share a few quick tips to get you started.

Why it’s risky

Many DIY homeowners would think of the process of removing a satellite on their roof as an easy and straightforward one. But even though it may seem like a simple job, projects that involve heights are always risky. You may end up damaging your roofing material or roof deck or even falling and getting injured in the process. It’s always best to contact your local roof repair in Burlington if you want to make this process quick and safe.

Why should you remove these protrusions?

Perhaps you’ve never thought of removing the satellite or antennae from your rooftop. The truth is, many of these protrusions were not properly installed in the first place so you’ll still need to get rid of them even if they don’t bother you. Remember, these installers are not trained roofing contractors. Their job is to just put the device on the roof and they could easily make mistakes that expose the roof to leaks.

If the satellite/antennae was installed incorrectly, your roof could be leaking even if you don’t see any signs in your home’s interior. Poorly installed protrusions on your roof can also cause significant damage during strong winds. They could be ripped off in strong winds and come out with sections of your roofing material. Replacing this roofing material is costly and your home insurance may not cover this damage.

If you moved in a home that already has the satellite/antennae on the rooftop, the best thing to do is to get rid of them especially if they are not being used. If anything goes wrong on your roof and it incurs damage, you will be held liable.

When is the best time to remove?

The best time to remove any protrusions on your roof is during the warmer months. Avoid undertaking this project during the cold winter months because the shingles are usually very brittle and can easily break. When it’s warmer, the shingles are harder and can sustain damage when someone climbs on the rooftop to perform repairs or get rid of a satellite/antennae.

Save yourself the headache by calling a contractor to do this job. When handled by a reputable contractor, antennae/satellite removal can be done within a few hours. The contractor will come with the right tools and safety gear to ensure the process is conducted safely and effectively. It’s best to schedule a routine inspection at this time so that your roof is assessed for any underlying issues and necessary repairs are done. Make sure you hire an experienced contractor who understands the job and knows how to perform it safely without damaging your roofing material. Read reviews and recommendations from other homeowners in your neighbourhood to ensure you get the right fit for the job.