Perfect Table Covers As Per Your Requirement

Considered as an essential addition to most locations or restaurants, the elements of the table cloth en place help to convey the theme and level of service of the service. But with so many types of table covers, how do you know which one you need? If you are curious to learn more, we want to give you some more precise information.

First, it is essential to start with the following points:

  • Color
  • Design
  • Price
  • Structure
  • Room theme
  • Requirements for use

The trade show table covers have the power to create or destroy the image you are trying to highlight. From those of disposable plastic to those of luxury fabrics for a five-star location, the options are endless. Today we will see three of different types: in fabric, disposable and in vinyl.

Fabric Table covers

It is perfect for catering services given their elegant and versatile appearance. They are available in a wide range of materials, from polyester to silk. The fabric table covers are specially designed for different types of use; you might find some more resistant (and therefore reusable) or more delicate, such as linen. These table covers are often found in hotels, banquet halls, luxury restaurants, etc.

For example, did you know that cotton fabrics have a uniform blend of 50% polyester and 50% cotton, for a final product that lasts twice as long? These table covers also ensure a soft feel, as does the strength of the polyester.

Table covers made from 100% polyester ensure the highest level of safety against stains, shrinkage, etc. Remember that this type does not absorb liquids in case of spills and they are very easy to wash.

Vinyl Table cover

Outdoor restaurants and other informal catering services often enjoy the appearance and practicality of vinyl table covers. These covers offer longer life than single-use tables: they require less maintenance than fabric table covers and are available in a wide variety of prints, patterns and colors. They can be simply cleaned after each use and can be used several times. Unlike fabric ones, vinyl covers are perfect to offer a quick and convenient decorative change for your event. Just think of a picnic between colleagues or a birthday of a child: choosing this type of table cover will save you time and money. Ask the catering company what type it has available: you will see that the choice is really very wide.

Cloth Napkins

Finally, let’s not forget to provide everything with coordinated napkins. Now that you’ve framed your ideal table cover, it’s time to choose the napkin option that works best. If you use fabric table covers, we recommend using the same material for napkins as well: they are the best choice for a cohesive and elegant look. Just like table covers, napkins are also available in a wide range of materials.

Rose Mary Author