Moving to Park City? Here Is What Makes the Mountainous City Special

Swarming with scenic beauty and an expansive mountainous landscape, Park City, Utah, is one of the best towns to live in the US. The city provides a unique lifestyle that attracts people and potential homebuyers from all over the nation. If you contemplate relocating to Park City, you probably wonder if it’s worth it. The answer should be self-evident, but since you have asked, here are some reasons that make the mountainous city so special.

Great Ski Resorts

Park City is the home to two of the most popular ski resorts in the world; Park City Mountain Resort and Deer Valley Resort. The Park City Mountain resort is open to snowboarders and skiers, while the Deer Valley Resort is exclusive for skiers only and was voted the best ski resort in North America. Even better, the two are not the only ski resorts in the area. Snowboard and ski enthusiasts can also have fun at the Power Bird Helicopter Skiing, Powder Mountain, and Solitude.

Lower Tax Rates

When relocating, you want to move to a business-friendly environment with lower taxes. The good news is that Utah has attracted companies from the neighbouring coastal states because of the lower tax rates. Compared to New York, and California, Utah has considerably lower tax rates for individuals, sales, businesses, and property taxes. The maximum rate is the individual income tax at 4.95%. The property taxes on primary residential homes tend to be lower.

Excellent Weather

One of the main attractions in Park City is its excellent weather. The town experiences low humidity and plenty of sunny days, making it an outdoor wonderland all year round. The winters are not extremely cold, and the summers are not too hot. So rest assured that your family can enjoy lots of outdoor fun any time of the year. With biking, skiing, and hiking trails at your doorfront, there is always some fun outdoor activity.

Top Level Education

Park City ranks high nationally when it comes to education. The city has some of the best public schools, ranking in the top 2% countrywide. The public schools respect the winter sports culture and release students early on Fridays to participate. For those who want their kids to go to private schools, there are plenty of them to explore. Park City is home to highly-rated higher education institutions such as Westminster College and the University of Utah.

Convenient Transportation

Another great thing about moving to Park City is its convenient transportation system. The Utah Department of Transportation has done a great job of expanding the highways and traffic circles and widening highways, resulting in zero traffic. The Salt Lake City International Airport is also just a thirty-minute drive from Park City, from where you can take a one and a half hour’s flight to San Francisco or LA.

Find Your Dream Home in Park City with Tara Vaught

Ultimately, Park City presents an unbeatable lifestyle, from lively art scenes to world-class skiing. If you want to buy a home in Park City or a vacation property with some rental income, Tara Vaught is here to help. Contact Tara Vaught, an experienced real estate agent, to learn more about the homes for sale in Park City, UT.

Rose Mary Author