How To Test And Maintain Your Fire Suppression System

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While your fire suppression system may rarely – and perhaps never – be used, it still requires regular upkeep. Indoor sprinklers, smoke detectors, and fire extinguishers need to be maintained and checked regularly for anything out of the ordinary so that you’re sure that they function just as they should. Hence, regular inspections are extremely important and are in fact required by law.

In the case that something is amiss, you may employ the help of professionals for fire suppression repair, but no rule says you can’t do it yourself. Here is a guide on how to maintain your fire suppression system.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Every fire sprinkler system is designed to fit the building it’s being installed in. So if your building has undergone many renovations since the system was installed, there is a big chance that it needs to be updated as well. To be sure, it’s recommended that you test the functionality of the sprinklers with the help of knowledgeable professionals, who will let you know if there is a need for any repairs or a complete replacement.

How to maintain your sprinkler system

Do not hang anything from the ceiling where sprinkler heads are located.

Do not stack anything that might reach the sprinkler heads.

Do not paint the sprinkler heads.

The control valves must be kept in an open position.

Smoke Alarms and Detectors

The detection and alarm equipment are the next most important component of a fire suppression system. The alarm’s batteries should be replaced at least once a year, and they should be tested regularly for proper function.

How to maintain your smoke alarms and detectors

The alarms must be in the right places. Every floor, even the basement, should contain detectors.

The alarms should be tested at least once a month.

Keep the alarms clean.

Do not paint over the alarms.

Alarms should be replaced every 10 years if not damaged. Defective alarms must be replaced immediately.

Fire Extinguishers

In the unfortunate case that a fire occurs, a perfectly working extinguisher is extremely useful as it will put out a fire instantly. There are many types of extinguishers, so every worker must be familiar with how to use the specific type in your building. Instructions on the extinguisher must also be clear.

How to maintain your fire extinguishers

Check for any damages on the nozzle and hose.

Check the pump for any dents, rust, dirt, or anything that might keep it from functioning as intended.

Make sure that the pin and tamper seal are intact if the extinguisher comes with any.

Check the pressure regularly and keep it at the recommended level.

All extinguishers must be recharged immediately after use.

Regular inspections of your building’s fire suppression system guarantee that you’re safe from the horrible damages of a fire, so making it a part of your building maintenance routine is important. The earlier you catch the damage, the better chances you have of preventing disaster because you will be able to hire the pros for fire suppression repair at an earlier time.

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