How To Know When You Need a Professional Exterminator

Now that the weather is getting colder, rodents are apt to find a way into your warm home. While finding one mouse is nothing out of the ordinary, there are usually more. When dealing with rodents, or other pests, how do you know you need help? Here are four signs it’s time to call a professional.

Nothing Is Working

No one wants to admit defeat when dealing with pests, but if you’ve tried everything and the problem isn’t letting up, it’s time to call Staten Island exterminators. Catching mice every night is a bad sign and you’ll need an exterminator.

You’ve Got Hard-To-Kill Bugs

Some bugs are extremely hard to kill and if you come up against one of these, you’ll need help. Two such instances are cockroaches and bed bugs. Not only are they difficult to kill, but they reproduce at an alarming rate. Call a professional if you’ve discovered either of these insects.

You’re in Danger

Some infestations are downright dangerous, such as bees and hornets. If you’ve suddenly noticed a lot of bees inside the house, or hear a humming in the wall, you could have a very large nest. Bee stings are venomous and can cause allergic reactions, or even death, so don’t tackle this problem on your own.

You Have Pets

If you have pets and find out you’ve got an infestation, not calling an exterminator can put them at risk. Mice can carry diseases, fleas or ticks that can be transmitted to your pet. You also don’t want your pet eating a sick mouse or one that may have been poisoned from another home.

Your Best Defense

Many times a single pest can be captured without further incidents, but most times the problem becomes worse. If you’re up against pests you can’t kill, or your family and pets are in danger, an exterminator is your best defense.

Treccy Node Author