How Do You Use The  Z GRILLS ZPG 10002B Pellet Grill

If you have Z GRILLS ZPG 10002B Pellet Grill you can rest assured that this grill is the best to use and it is extremely convenient to perform easy cooking. Moreover the best option for making your favorite meat and cheese.

Moreover this Z GRILLS ZPG 10002B Pellet Grill is one of the best devices for a backyard. You can cook delicious burgers in it, and perfectly you can cook hotdogs, tender sticks, juicy chicken breasts, and all your favorite foods. Also with very little cooking skills but you need to know about it before you cook so you take a look at z grills 10002b wood pellet grill features.

And here we will describe in detail how you can use this grill. And if you are skeptical about any of this, your doubts will be dispelled in this review. So keep reading our review for instructions on how to use it.

How Do You Use The  Z GRILLS ZPG 10002B Pellet Grill

Everything out

The first thing you will do is open the grasshopper and grill ids and set aside and place the grill racks, grease tray, and buffalo plate on the fire-pot.

Turn on the machine

Now turn on the switch, with the controller dial in the closing cycle position

Check the agar operation

Make sure that the auger of the machine is rotating very slowly. Moreover, when this auger motor is running, you will notice that this motor has a “whirl” sound.

And this auger will only keep it rotating for a few seconds, then let it rest for 30-40 seconds. Then it will turn itself on and off.

Check if the fire-pot is working

Check that your machine fan is working properly by placing your hand on the firepot. Moreover, the ignition rod heats up will continue to heat up slowly and when you burn some oil on some of its surfaces you will see that some smoke will come out of it immediately. And in 4-5 minutes you will probably heat the ignition rod and it will turn red.

You will then notice that the auger motor is rotating slowly, and the fan is blowing it and the ignition rod is hot enough to cook then you are now ready for the filling step.

Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill Review | Handyman tips

Add wood trim to it.

It has enough wooden elbows on the grasshoppers to reach a safety grate. And don’t fill the whole hopper. Moreover, using about 2 kg will be enough for your first burn-in. But if you plan to cook longer, add more chutney if you have one. And always keep the wooden shells in a closed bag or store them separately in a sealed bucket to avoid moisture.

The wood you burn will give your food a biased taste and many types of wood will give you a variety of flavors. Keep in mind that fish and poultry will taste smokier than meat, so they will almost never need smoking wood to taste more smoked.

Turn high

At this stage you turn the controller dial on the high of the machine then with the help of the upper tube in the middle it will help the baby to continue to feed the wood cuttings from the hopper to the fire pit faster.

Pelt dropping

Now you wait about 7-8 minutes then the woodpeckers in the grasshopper throw in the wine of the fire-pot and keep throwing slowly. Come to the next step after completing this task

If the controller notices a low LER temp error then you don’t have to worry because you will only get back to the shutdown cycle and soon the pillars will come down and help draw the fire.

Burn in

To turn off any oil from its manufacturing process and to heat your grill to the highest temperature, you turn on its controller. And you wait for 40 to 45 minutes for it to heat up and keep running the grill in this high setting then you turn the grill to smoke for 10 minutes then the fire will go down nicely, then come back to the shutdown process. Then turn on the power switched on.

And you keep the fan on for 10 minutes to make sure all the stones are burned before your machine’s shutdown cycle is in progress and its pellets shut off automatically.

Now is the time to cook!

Now when your grill is off by itself, you open the lid of the grill, then you remove the grill racks and put them in a separate place, and wipe them well with a damp cloth.

Then you keep the lid of the grill opens then you can start the grill by turning on the smoke. And after waiting 4-5 minutes you will see a lot of smoke in it. And set it to an ideal temperature, then you close the lid.

Wait until the temperature rises before you cook your food.

Final Verdict 

Being a wood pellet grill the Z grills ZPG uses wood pellets for running the wheel for the cooking your BBQ meats. Using your newly arrived Z Grills can be a hassling task if you know a bit less about the basics of these machine. It is obvious that, if you go in a wrong way the cooking will make you hell out of nothing instead of delivering you the juicy taste of BBQ meats.

So, it is a crucial part to get to know about the basics before you jump out with the Z Grills ZPG. I guess you have acknowledged all the basics and magnetic infos needed for preparing the frist grill out of your Z Grills.

Rose Mary Author