Follow this checklist for hiring a plumber


If you are in the process of hiring a plumber for your property preparing a checklist would be the best thing to begin with. Too many options may sometimes lead to confusion or make us skip few important things essential to mention in the contract with the plumber. Answers to questions like why do you need a plumber, what is the type of plumbing service, how often you would need plumbing services etc., would need to be considered.

Other than the above, plumbers are needed for fixing pipes and installing garbage disposal. We have a checklist that will come handy for you. Share the article with others too who may be in need of something like this.

Follow this checklist for hiring a plumber:

  1. Check for references from others or take support of search engines to find some good plumbing agencies in your locality. It is the first thing that needs to be ticked once you are done.
  2. Hire plumbers that charge for specific service only. Thus, note down the tasks that you need the plumber to take care of. Whatever he is willing to do, tick your checklist accordingly. You may find a plumber who completes all the tasks so that you can save money by hiring one professional only rather hiring separate individual.
  3. Check whether the plumber holds the permit to perform the specific task for you. It will help you to quickly finish your checklist and get back to work. A plumber with permit has skills and experience to help you with plumbing work.
  4. Get the quotation from the plumber. Check the mode of payment, his service fee, and the expenses related to any parts during the work. Also confirm if he would need some advance.
  5. Get insurance report from your company to confirm if your property is insured under plumbing work too. If yes, get all the paperwork ready. This is to ensure that your property has the insurance for any damages if any occurs during the work.

Hope your checklist is ready for all the inspections and installations. Be stress free as the plumber will take care of all your plumbing needs.


Dom Dannis Author