Five Reasons Why Exterior Clay Bricks Are Best For Your Home

Homeowners, construction experts, masons, and architects cannot deny the benefits of using exterior clay bricks. They are suitable not just from artistic and aesthetics purposes but also offer the convenience of usage in a wide variety of applications. Clay bricks are both cost-efficient as well as energy efficient building material.

Five reasons why exterior clay bricks are best:

  1. Protection

Bricks are a sturdy and rugged building material. They are able to protect us from not only rain, snow, and dust but from thunderstorms, floods, cyclones, dust-storms, and blizzards. Homes made with good quality clay bricks provide are not just weather-proof but also earth-quake proof to a good extent. Brick homes can’t be easily broken into and protect us from thieves and criminals as well.

  1. Design Flexibility

Bricks come with optimum design flexibility. They offer flexibility not just in their look and colour options, but also with the usage and application techniques. Bricks can be easily adapted to suit different architectural and construction requirements. Clay bricks also offer a wide multitude of design versatility as well as look great in modern, contemporary interior designs as well as conventional and gothic styles.

  1. High Thermal Mass

Bricks have a high thermal mass. They are indeed a very high-density construction material. Bricks are great for ensuring convenient indoor temperatures. They help in keeping homes warm during cold winter times without extensive heating as well as maintain cool temperatures in summer without gross over-dependence on expensive air-conditioning systems.

  1. Sustainable Resource & Environmentally Friendly

Since bricks are made from natural clay, it is a sustainable resource and is abundantly available in its natural form. Modern brick making techniques utilize machinery that has very little emissions and leaves behind a negligible carbon footprint. Bricks can be both reused as well as recycled into other products, making them an environmentally friendly material.

  1. Lesser Insurance Cost

Brick homes are weatherproof, earth-quake resistant and resistant to humidity and moisture, as well as being fire-proof. Undoubtedly, the cost of insuring brick homes is substantially less than other homes due to their strong, durable, and protective features.

Clay bricks have been a preferred construction material since ages, and they continue to be popular even today!


Dom Dannis Author