Effective Professional Connecticut Raccoon Removal

Raccoons are North American natives with a medium size, furry coat, distinct facial coloring, and striped tail. They are highly intelligent animals capable of problem solving and long-term memory. Most of them sleep during the day and scavenge during the night. They can eat anything they get their hands on from small invertebrates to plants. They originally called forests their home but they are adaptable creatures that are able to survive in other types of environment. Due to human encroachment in their traditional territories, they have been forced to adapt to human habitations. Many view them as unwelcome guests in their homes.

A Common Nuisance

Raccoons have descended in Connecticut rural and urban communities. They made houses their own habitats. Some have chosen to stay in chimneys, attics, sheds, and other neglected spaces. They will do anything to survive including stealing pet food if the containers are left outside. They could also open garbage cans and spill the contents as they look for food scraps. Homeowners wake up to garbage all over their front lawn. They can make such a racket that dogs get spooked by their presence, triggering nonstop barking that wakes up the entire neighborhood. Raccoons can get sick and rabid which make them dangerous to those around them.

They might also poop in swimming pools and other areas around the house. The stench can become unbearable. The cleaning is frustrating and nonstop. They also carry parasites within their bodies that can affect the pets around the house. They can infect people with their disease. Property damage is another common occurrence when you have these creatures in the neighborhood. They can tear holes around walls, vents, and soffits in an effort to get inside the house. Once they are inside, they might chew up wires, tear insulation, and so on. All of these can lead to costly repairs.

How to Remove Raccoons

Given all of these problems caused by raccoons, those affected are eager to kick them out of the house. It isn’t that easier, however, because simply driving them out and putting up barriers are enough for these persistent creatures. They are strong and clever. They will find a way to get inside or at least acquire food from the human population. Most pests can be driven away by using a repellent but this is not effective with raccoons. Although you can find some on the market, they do not produce reliable results.

The best way to get rid of them for good is to hire raccoon removal Connecticut professionals who can set traps and take them away to where they can no longer affect the homes. There are states that have outlawed lethal raccoon traps so check local guidelines before doing anything. The ones you see going around are just the adults. The experts will have to check the attic and other vulnerable places around the house in case there is a litter of babies waiting for their mother raccoon. If they create a home on a tall tree, then special equipment needs to be used to reach them.

Dom Dannis Author