Buying A Home In Los Gatos? – Here Are The Top Neighborhoods To Consider

Los Gatos, California, is a scenic town in the stunning Santa Cruz Mountains of California. Just a short drive from the worn, you will find the gorgeous beaches of Santa Cruz and the tech hub of Silicon Valley. If you are seeking a place to call home that offers all the charm of a small town with the conveniences of a big city, Los Gatos is a fantastic choice. Here are some of the best neighborhoods when seeking luxury homes for sale in Los Gatos.  

The Blossom Manor

Blossom Manor in east Los Gatos is a popular neighborhood because it is conveniently located near fantastic shopping spots and parks such as Vasona Lake County Park and Oak Meadow. This neighborhood is also home to some of the State’s highly-rated schools. Blossom Manor features spacious lots that are largely constituted of single-family houses.

Aside from the homes, Blossom Manor is a well-managed neighborhood that hosts many wonderful events throughout the year. If you are looking for a nice place to call home for you and your family, Blossom Manor should be at the top of your list!

Rinconada Hills

Rinconada Hills is a nice area with well-kept homes and a rural atmosphere. It is a resort-style gated community that offers inhabitants luxury and safety. The terrain is hilly, allowing for spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. Besides, the area is close to downtown Los Gatos and all its attractions and features a playground, a community pool, and tennis courts.

In addition to the picturesque views and lovely homes for sale in Los Gatos, Rinconada also has numerous schools nearby. If you want a serene community with breathtaking views, Rinconada Hills is an excellent choice. Homes in this neighborhood are often more expensive than those in other parts of Los Gatos, but the quality of life is well worth the cost.

Stonybrook Neighborhood

Los Gatos, California’s Stonybrook neighborhood, is a lovely area to live and raise a family. It is located on the eastern edge of Los Gatos and has stunning views of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

The homes in this area are enormous and lavish, with the majority having four bedrooms and three bathrooms. A great neighborhood to consider worth investing in a property, especially if you value a strong sense of community and high levels of privacy and security. 

Almond Grove

Almond Grove is a gorgeous, historic community in the highly sought-after downtown area. While there are a few mid-century apartments, most homes in the area are old. Some popular architectural styles include Victorian, Colonial, Mediterranean, Ranch, Spanish, and English Cottage.

This neighborhood is conveniently located near some of the finest restaurants, shopping spots, bars, and more. However, the charm of this neighborhood is more than just its convenience. The large, inviting front porches of the historic homes evoke an old-fashioned hospitality. If you wish to explore the rich history and culture of California, Almond Grove is the place to be.

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