Benefits of Installing an Above Ground Pool

As winter drags on, thoughts turn toward the warmer days to come. Summer flies by quickly, so this year, make the best of it by installing a swimming pool. If you’re worried about digging up your yard, consider an above-ground pool. More and more people are gravitating towards above ground pools and here are four reasons why.

Saves You Money

Inground pools are a major investment, but when you install one above ground, you’ll save thousands of dollars. Above-ground swimming pools Pittsburgh PA are smaller than inground pools, so you’ll cut back costs on pool chemicals, too. 

Quick Installation

With an above ground pool, it only needs to be set up, lined, filled with water and connected to a pump. Inground pools require major excavation that can take weeks to complete. The beauty of above-ground pools is that they can also be disassembled and taken with you if you decide to move.

Variety of Sizes

Above-ground pools come in a variety of sizes to accommodate any yard. That means you can have a pool if you’re limited on space or if you have a large yard and plan on building a deck. Whatever size you choose, the amount of fun will still be enormous!

Easy Upkeep

When it comes to upkeep, above ground pools are extremely easy to take care of. Cleaning, filtering and testing water quality are jobs anyone in the family can learn to do. Since an above-ground pool has no parts underground, repairs are quick and effortless.

Owning an above ground pool is one of the best improvements you can make to your yard. When compared to an inground pool, you’ll save yourself thousands of dollars and have it installed faster. When you discover how simple it is to care for, you’ll wish you had installed an above ground pool years ago.

Sheri Gill Author