5 Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Garage Door Services

One of the biggest reasons for the commercial garage doors getting worn-out faster is the frequency of their use. While the residential garage doors may suffer minor to major damages after a few years of constant use, you may need to opt for regular maintenance and repair services for commercial ones. Such disparities give rise to numerous questions that you may not find the answers to.

No worries! In this post, you’ll find some of these questions that pop into your mind concerning your garage doors, as well as their relevant answers.

What to do if I don’t have standard-sized door openings in my garage?

You can get the doors customized based on their model. Get in touch with the professionals concerned with such customizations and let them take the necessary measurements to initiate the work. In case you don’t have enough headroom as well, the professionals will provide you with low headroom door options for your garage.

Will I get strong, highly durable springs with the door?

The type of springs you’re going to get will depend on the condition of the site on the whole. However, you can always get your springs upgraded after a considerable period of use. Contact a reputable agency for commercial garage door repair services in Montreal, in case the springs get damaged or break down totally.

Can I put install glass panels on my commercial garage door?

Yes! You can. You can get your hands on tempered glass panels for your commercial garage doors, which should be installed about 32 inches from the bottom of the door, according to the rules. You also have the option to install acrylic windows or aluminum panels, if you want.

Can I paint the steel garage doors to match the colour of my office building?

Yes, but you should clean it thoroughly before painting. Refrain from waxing it though, as the paint may peel or flake. Use a wool pad and soapy water to scuff the surface of the door carefully and wipe it clean of soap after. Of course, you need not do such chores yourself. You can always hire a professional to prepare your garage doors for getting painted.

How long will the springs on my door last?

Generally, the torsion springs last till 10,000 cycles, where each cycle refers to the opening and closing of the door once. They wear out with time, creating disturbing noises and leading to difficulties in operation. You should be careful while getting the springs replaces and find a reliable service provider for the job to ensure maximum safety.

Both residential and commercial garage doors require proper care, but the commercial doors are more prone to damage, thus needing regular inspection and maintenance. Prevent unfortunate incidents by checking the doors for signs of damage and opting for repairs, as and when deemed necessary.