4 Bathroom Design Ideas for Your Remodel

Bathroom remodels tend to be one of the biggest areas in the house a homeowner chooses to change. There are many reasons to choose to do a bathroom remodel. One of the biggest is to update fixtures and capitalize on a new trend. Here are some of the biggest design trends.

A Vintage Comeback

Brass and gold shades are making a comeback. These vintage hues are everywhere from toilets to faucets to sinks. The warm accents bring traditional classics into the modern era. These hues are great for nearly any style and hide pesky fingerprints like pros. You can visit a full kitchen and bath retail showroom Salem NH to decide exactly how these tones look together with other styles.

Back in Black

Black is back taking over the past few years reliant on grey. The simple bold, dark color makes the bathroom pop. The most popular places to put the dark hue are the vanity, plumbing fixtures, lights and mirrors. Add a dark cabinet or rack along a white or marble wall to fully capitalize on the new style.

Wood Adds Warmth

With the rise in warmer tones, wood has become a popular addition in bathrooms. Wood is a complementary element to nearly any bathroom color scheme. Add wood to complement other modern features such as industrial vanities and brass lighting. Or pair it with the blacks and a TV for a more modern touch.

Technology is Here

Many bathrooms are getting a futuristic look with the addition of technology. Smart toilets are no longer the only tech to upgrade the bathroom. While you may enjoy the warm seat and built-in deodorizer, those technologies have progressed to the sink and shower. Add a sound system to up your shower singing. Consider installing a TV to watch while you soak in the tub. Automatic faucets combine with voice-activated lighting to create a touch-free atmosphere. Technology can create a personalized bathroom like never before.

Rose Mary Author